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Our courses have made our reputation. GammaSapiens Inc., the experts in radiation safety training, has merged with Radioprotection Inc. to produce even more effective and varied courses that combine theory and practice with several spectacular demonstrations. Emploi Québec Agreement Number : 0050006 Since 2002, we have trained more then 500 radiation safety officers. We are including Class 7, TDG.

Try this new radiation safety officer (RSO) training !

“Dynamic, relevant, practical”: 3 words mentioned by some of the RSOs who have attended this training that is updated many times a year.


  • Three day course for radiation safety officers — industrial sources
  • Three day course for radiation safety officers — open sources (Laboratories, research, medical)
  • 3.5 hours course on industrial sources
  • 3.5 hours course on open sources in research or nuclear medicine
  • 3.5 hours course on instrumentation
  • 3.5 hours course on transportation of dangerous goods, Class 7

Courses are given by people who have more than 25 years’ experience in the industrial field and as radiation safety officers in major research institutions or in university hospital centres. Who is better placed than a former radiation safety officer and a former CSNC inspector to let you in on all the tricks of the trade?  We know our business and we keep ourself updated ! We are member of CRPA and HPS.We are part of working groups with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Transport Canada.

Courses Dates
Radiation safety officers — Industrial* Sep 2021: 14-16
Radiation safety officers — Industrial Oct 2021: 26-28
Radiation safety officers — Industrial Nov 2021: 23-25
Radiation safety officers — Med/Lab Dec 2021: 7-9

*COVID-19: Courses are maintained. Please contact us to understand how the courses will be delivered (on line or in a classroom).

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  • Emergency measures involving radioactive products
  • One of our trainers was the captain responsible for an industrial HAZMAT (hazardous materials) team in a large complex that combined industrial risks and radioisotope research. He knows well the risks associated with radioactive products in emergency situations. He knows how to combine HAZMAT procedures and emergency medical interventions.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), Class 7
  • We have prepared for transportation hundreds of nuclear gauges and other Class 7 dangerous goods. TDG Class 7 training is mandatory for certain workers. Be informed!
  • Customized training
  • Challenge us! We can prepare a specific radiation safety training course according to your needs and your facilities. We will adapt our approach to the level of the participants.
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