Radiation Safety Services

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How can we help you? In our 35 years of experience we have learned how to meet all your radiation safety requirements. Radioisotopes or X-ray devices—we have been doing business in Quebec since 1982. We are trusted by everyone from the largest businesses, to neighbourhood dentists. We know how to adapt.

Industrial, Medical, Research
Industrial, Medical, Research
  • Staff training (including Class 7 TDG)
  • Annual compliance report
  • GD-52 Dose report for SPEC-CT and others
  • Help with applications for radioisotope licenses and with renewals
  • Leak tests of your sealed sources complying with the CNSC
  • Sale of radiation monitoring instruments (We sell the Ludlum series)
  • Calibration of radiation monitoring instruments complying with the CNSC
  • Disposal of radioactive sources
  • Spectroscopy studies
  • Contamination monitoring and decommissioning
  • Class 7 Radioactive Material Package-Preparation, Reception, Shipment
  • 24h Radiological Emergency Number
  • Verification of X-ray machines
    • CT scans
    • PET-CT
    • SPEC-CT
    • Mammograms
    • Radiography and Fluoroscopy
  • Calculation of shielding for radiology rooms
  • Certified physicists for quality control of mammography
  • Training
  • Quality Control, Ultrasound units

Your radiation protection team this Fall

At Radioprotection Inc.,dose reduction for workers and members of the public is our priority.  Once this objective is reached, compliance will follow without problem, we a little help from our team.  This team of professionals is close to the people. Let us show you the faces of our success in Quebec and in Canada.

From left to right, first row : Marie-Josée Aubry, Christiane Cérat, Manon Rouleau, Isabelle Cérat, Zakiha Bouzidi, Vincent Pitre. Top: Alain Croussette, Raphaël Thibault, Stéphane Jean-François, Éric Jalbert. In mortise: Stéphane Trudeau

ACRP-CRPA 2019-Ottawa

The “Nuclear section ” of Radioprotection Inc. was in Ottawa last week for the annual conference of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association. The theme, “Connecting with Communities” was well applied by the team who have learned the most recent news in radiation protection and in the regulatory sector.