We want you to get the best images, but with the lowest possible dose and in complete safety.

Radioprotection Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services for X-ray equipment users. We ensure the radiation protection of medical imaging, industrial and commercial equipment. Our physicists are skilled in mammography, medical and veterinary imaging and a full range of industrial applications, such as safety equipment, production quality control and basic research.

  • Verification / Quality control of X-ray equipment (INSPQ license or hospital environment)
    • Computed tomography (CT) scanners
    • SPECT-CT
    • PET-CT
    • Mammography
    • General radiology and fluoroscopy
    • Shielding calculations for radiology rooms
  • Audit of your radiation protection program
  • Development of a radiation protection program, X-ray
  • Specific or generic training, X-ray
  • Quality control, ultrasound equipment