Trust our experts, who are all radiation safety officers (RSO) with over 25 years of experience.

CNSC industrial, medical, research and commercial license holders: you have come to the right place! We can assist you with full-spectrum management of your radiation protection program. Not a license holder? We can serve you, too!

  • Calibrations / Leak tests only
  • Radioisotope license applications
  • Specific or generic training in radiation protection and transportation of dangerous goods, Class 7
  • Sale of radiation detection devices (Ludlum Measurements products)
  • Annual compliance report
  • GD-52 dose report for nuclear medicine or research (SPECT-CT, hot lab, classified lab, etc.)
  • Disposal of radioactive sources and preparation for transport
  • Consultation and compliance, transportation of dangerous goods, Class 7
  • Audit of your radiation protection program
  • Radiological laboratory services (leak testing, calibration, spectroscopy, etc.)
  • Contamination assessment, decommissioning of laboratories
  • Naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM)
  • Evaluation of your radiation detectors (landfill site, metal recycling, etc.)