Well known in Canada’s radiation safety community, Stéphane Jean-François, a certified health physicist since 1998, replaces Michel Deschamps at the head of Radioprotection Inc. Engineer in physics by training, he started his career with the Atomic Energy Control Board (the CNSC) in 1992, then opted to work on the other side of the regulatory prism by becoming the radiation safety officer (RSO) for the Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research in 1995. He was responsible for a wide-ranging radiation safety program, including a containment level laboratory, some intermediate laboratories, and several basic laboratories, as well as 50 or so radioisotope users and four X-ray machines. He was the second radiation safety specialist in Quebec to obtain “Health Physics” radiation safety certification from the American Board of Health Physics in 1998. Since then, he has renewed his certification 5 times. In addition to his radiation safety duties, he was named environment manager. Always mindful of offering quality service to his colleagues, he completed his Masters in environmental management while serving as president of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA). He used his expertise and involvement with the CRPA to found GammaSapiens Inc., a radiation safety consulting company that specializes first and foremost in customized radiation safety training. The quality of its courses and the programs it offers have convinced clients in the oil and gas, construction, hospital, and basic research sectors to call on its services for dynamic, customized training, as well as to manage certain aspects of their radiation safety programs. Innovative and passionate by nature, as RSO, Stéphane was among the first to use leading edge solutions such as a centralized inventory on the Internet to manage licenses and radioisotopes as early as 1996. He also used interactive radiation safety training on computers, starting in 1998, which led him to present the fruits of his work at the SMAU, EduNet forum, an exhibition on new technologies in Milan, Italy. His theoretical and practical courses were very much appreciated by a wide variety of participants, from housekeeping attendants to specialized researchers working with high-power lasers, as well as construction site workers. Stéphane was part of a top level industrial emergency response team and specialized in HAZMAT interventions. He shared his approach to radiation safety with several fire brigades in Montréal’s West Island and more recently in Quebec City, to demystify radiation risk and to propose a holistic approach to all Hazmat intervention involving radioactive products in an industrial or academic setting or following a road accident. A specialized, leading manager, his last project was the decontamination and dismantlement of Merck’s facilities in Kirkland before completing the merger of GammaSapiens Inc. and Radioprotection Inc. Today, the two companies have joined to create one entity that offers a complete range of services in radiation safety with unequalled quality and professionalism. What could be better for your radiation safety program than to trust a person who is a first calibre RSO for more than 20 years? Stéphane Jean-François’s goal is to maintain Radioprotection Inc. in the first position in Quebec as a supplier of radiation safety services and to move it up the ranks across Canada. To do this, he offers personalized service and innovative solutions to regulatory requirements by including the most important aspects in a program: the person at the heart of the solution and scientific rigour.