Industrial-Medical/Research Radiation Protection

  • Staff training
  • Annual compliance report
  • Help with applications for radioisotope licenses and with renewals
  • GD-52 Evaluations
  • Leak tests of your sealed sources complying with the CNSC
  • Sale of radiation monitoring instruments (We sell the Ludlum series)
  • Calibration of radiation monitoring instruments complying with the CNSC
  • Disposal of radioactive sources
  • Spectroscopy studies
  • Contamination monitoring and decommissioning

Verification of X-ray facilities and Quality Control

You’ve just received a letter from the INSPQ to check the facilities in your dental practice? Or perhaps you need to have the facilities in your chiropractic, podiatric, or veterinary practice tested? Our physicists will travel across Quebec to help you remain in compliance.

  • Mammograms
  • CT scans
  • Radiography et Fluoroscopy
  • Ultra Sound

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Shielding calculations

Your clinic is growing, and you are starting renovations or starting anew? Ensure that the rooms that you will be using are sufficiently shielded for the equipment and workloads. Send us your plans with the workload and the type of device, and we will recommend the type of shielding. Send your plans to: