As you know, synergy is the strength of a team that exceeds the simple sum of the team members taken separately. Radioprotection Inc. can count on the experience of three physicists and a physicist/engineer to apply radiation safety concepts across Quebec. X-ray scanners require verification to a very precise frequency. Our X-ray physicists, Éric Jalbert and Alain Croussette, share the work to make facilities safe for patients of dentists, chiropractors, and radiologists. Because, although the regulations must be satisfied, the real need is human. Our team is very much aware of the people who find themselves in front of these devices that emit radiation. Our physicists, also certified to assess mammography units, form a team to provide the institutions involved with proof that their equipment is safe and complies with the most recent requirements and regulatory standards. They travel across Quebec and part of the Maritimes to hunt the fleeing photon. Stéphane Trudeau is also never idle. Perhaps you have already met this dynamic physicist when he measured the radiation from the nuclear gauge located on your refining tower, during the Siberian cold of the month of February. He is also the person who looks after calibrating your measurement instruments or carrying out leak tests on your sealed sources, two activities regulated by the CNSC. He also teaches courses in radiation safety and transportation of dangerous goods, Class 7. Stéphane Jean-François, and Manon Rouleau, both engineers in physic fill in as needed and specifically take care of research environments, training radiation safety specialists, and quality control of the services rendered. They do the calculations for the shielding needed for new X-ray facilities and take care of quality control over the products generated by the physicists. They are supported by Isabelle Cérat and Christiane Cérat for all logistics and administratives tasks as we do manage thousands of radiological equipments for our customers.